Rooibos Tea

A lush and indulgent full-leaf
herbal blend of rooibos

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  • A healthy option for tots, tweens and teens.
    21 May 2013, Spice 4 Life
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  • Three new reasons to drink Rooibos
    26 March 2013, Your Family
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  • Scientists continue to discover rooibos health benefits.
    27 February 2013, Food Stuff South Africa
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Dr. Nortier's Discovery

Rooibos Iced Tea

is perfect for quenching your thirst on a sweltering summer day. find out how »


Dr. Nortier's Rooibos Tea is my choice because it contains SOD. Is rich in anti-oxidants and is caffeine-free. As a doctor, I know caffeine causes addiction, irritability, anxiety and high blood pressure.

Dr.Michael Rosenbaum M.D.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine-New York City, USA
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